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By Professor Nikolay Hovhannisyan, Chairman of the Armenian Atlantic Association, the Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, NAS Armenia
  • Absolutely New Balance of Forces is Developed in the World
  • Novoe Vremya Weekly
  • Armenia Should Take Steps Towards NATO
  • Haykakan Jamanak Daily
  • NATO and the South Caucasus
  • AZG Daily, May 2003
  • It’s Time for Azerbaijan to Repudiate the Illusions
  • Novoe Vremya, October 9, 2002
  • Georgian Diplomacy should Glance at NATO More Firmly
  • Hayastani Hanrapetutyun Daily, October 18, 2002
  • NATO Maneuvers Near Ankara Minarets
  • Parlamentskaya Gazeta, November 23, 2002
  • Armenia Is Not an Appendix
  • Novoe Vremya, October 12, 2000
  • In Today’s World Someone is Standing Behind Each Politician
  • Novoe Vremya Daily
  • On Participation of the Armenian Army Detachment in NATO-Led War-game

  • By Mr. Tevan Poghosyan, Executive Director of Armenian Atlantic Association
  • Canceling the NATO Exercise in Baku – An Excuse for Budapest?
  • Interview, Regnum News Agency, Yerevan, Armenia, September 2004
  • NATO isn’t Ready to Incorporate Russia
  • Interview, Regnum News Agency, Yerevan, Armenia, May 2004
  • NATO Will Not Overdo a Giant like Russia
  • Interview, Regnum News Agency, Yerevan, Armenia, May 2004
  • Turkey Will Not Give Up its Isolation Policy Towards Armenia Until he Understands that it Leads Towards its Own Isolation
  • Golos Armenia Newspaper, Yerevan, Armenia, June 2, 2002

    By Mr. David Hambaryan, AAA expert and postgraduate student of the Yerevan State University, International Relations Department.
  • The danger of implementing military power as an inducement for deepening conflicts. An analysis in the context of the Armenian-Azerbaijani confrontation.

  • By Ms. Sossi Tatikian, Master of Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government of the Harvard University, specialized in International Affairs and Conflict Resolution.
  • Some tendencies of the Euro-Atlantic Integration of the States in the Southern Caucasus.

  • By Shakeh Badalyan and Valentina Gevorgyan, members of the Young Atlanticist NATO Working Group..
  • Towards NATO

  • By Shakeh Badalyan,the Head of the Armenian Youth Atlantic Association and a member of the Atlantic Council’s Young Atlanticist Working Group
  • The Wider Black Sea Region: Cooperation and Security Building
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