2010 Events Calendar
19th Annual International Symposium: “Security & Stability in the 21st century: NATO after Lisbon & South Eastern Europe Armenian Atlantic Association’s young expert Astghik Injeyan participated in the 19th Annual International Symposium: “Security & Stability in the 21st century: NATO after Lisbon & South Eastern Europe” in conjunction with Transatlantic Youth Forum for South Eastern Europe held on December 19 - 21, 2010 in Athens, Greece. The Symposium was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Annual Symposium brings together every years 150 delegates from NATO, PfP and Mediterranean Countries who represent a broad spectrum of political, military and economic field, as well as representatives from NGO’s and youth movements. Sessions on “Euro-Atlantic Security after Lisbon NATO Summit”, “Women and security in the 21st century”, “Security and Euro-Atlantic integration in South Eastern Europe”, “NATO and EU: Strategic partnership” were held with panel discussions.
Every summer, university students and young adults from Europe and North America gather together to discuss current crisis situations, particularly the issue of Afghanistan. This year, the 5th Annual Crisis Management Simulation (CMS) was held from July 20th-25th, 2010 at the European Academy in Otzenhausen, Germany. This year’s topic was “Stabilizing Afghanistan” and brought together over 40 students from all over Europe and North America. The participants were Students from Germany (University of Mannheim and Cologne), Canada (Queen’s University, Royal Military College in Kingston and Memorial University, Newfoundland), University of Rochester, NY and there were 10 spots available for delegates from the ATA/YATA network. Armenian delegate Arpi Harutyunyan was chosen by the organizers.

The conference took place over the course of 6 days, with arrival into Frankfurt on July 20th and departure on July 25th. A day trip to the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) in Mons, Belgium was also organized as part of the program.

It was another great success in engaging young people dedicated to the idea that security matters, with the purpose to make future leaders acquainted with decision-making in areas of NATO strategic importance. It was also another opportunity to engage in professional networking.

The first few days were basically informational – conferences on current situation of Afghanistan with speakers from NATO, the U.S. and Canadian Embassy and a day trip to SHAPE, Belgium.

The starting point of the simulation was the current situation in Afghanistan. The participants were grouped into delegations representing organizations like NATO, national and regional actors and non-governmental organizations. After assessing their delegations’ view of the situation, strategy papers were formulated.

Then the interaction of international organizations, national and regional actors and non-governmental organizations were simulated. This gave the participants a unique possibility to apply their knowledge and being „involved as actors“ in the attempt to reach solutions for a realistic and current crisis scenario.

During the simulation the delegations were confronted with new situation reports presenting unexpected events within Afghanistan and the region.
The Armenian Atlantic Association in the framework of NATO Week in Armenia, which took place on June 25-29, 2010, organized three videoconferences: the first one took place in Gyumri, followed by Yghegnadzor and Gavar.

Fifty students of Gyumry State University participated in the videoconference with Mr. David Cole of The Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom organized by (AAA) on 25 June. On 26 June students of Yghegnadzor branch of Armenian State Economic University participated in the videoconference with Mr. David Cole. The third videoconference was held in Gavar for Gavar State University students with Mr. Theodasis Georgiu, the president of Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation.

Almost hundred fifty young people have discussed with prominent ATA representatives issues related to NATO, its essence and historical development, the decision-making principles in NATO, provisions of concept of NATO’s new strategy, NATO transformation and its role in contemporary foreign relations, NATO’s peace building and peace keeping activities, its enlargements and partnership with NATO, Armenia-NATO cooperation, as well as issues relating to the activities of AAA.

The videoconferences aimed at raising awareness of the Armenian youth about the North-Atlantic strongest institution of security through open discussions. Since 2007 AAA organizes annual education campaigns countrywide. The mission of the AAA is to contribute to promoting the cooperation between Armenia and NATO, especially in Armenian society through improving the comprehension and awareness raising about NATO's mission and activities in the changing global environment. AAA is a member of ATA since 2001.

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