2007 Events Calendar
From January 2007 till March 2007 the NATO Educational Toolkit was translated and developed in Armenian by the experts of the Armenian Atlantic Association. It is a package of educational resources meant for high school teachers and all those who are interested in providing education on issues pertaining to NATO. It offers an academic description and analysis of NATO, taking into account its historical and political context in the study of international relations and is quite comprehensive and easy to use. The toolkit consists of twelve teaching modules. This allows teachers and trainers to choose from a broad range of NATO topics to present to their classes and audiences. Each of the modules includes a basic introduction to NATO, an in-depth analysis of one or more NATO-specific topics, and political models for analyzing NATO’s place in international relations. The toolkit comprises a series of PowerPoint presentations, documents providing background information on NATO, checklists of questions to be discussed at various workshops, articles, interactive games and learning tasks. The goal of the project was to increase the awareness of the existing international security institutions and their role in providing international peace and security among the general population in Armenia and school teachers in particular.
From March 12 – 16, 2007, AAA implemented the bus trip around Armenia- “NATO-Armenia Educational Rally” in the framework of NATO-Armenia Week which was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and the USA Embassy in Armenia. The project was organized in the framework of NATO Week in Armenia. The AAA team was in the eight main cities of Armenia: Kapan, Sisian, Eghegnadzor, Gavar, Ijevan, Vanadzor , Gyumri and Yerevan. In each city AAA team made presentations for local students on “AAA and its activities”, “NATO-Armenia Relations”, “ NATO and Globalization” as well as there was a presentation of the new book “NATO Educational Toolkit” which was translated in Armenian by AAA experts. It aims to raise the awareness of the general population in Armenia, the youth in particular, regarding NATO and its activities.
From May 29th to June 1st AAA Executive Director Tevan Poghosyan and Senior Research Analyst, Irina Ghaplanyan, took part in the first meeting within the framework of the project “Security Platform of the South Caucasus Region: Strategy from the Perspective of the Civil Society”, which was initiated by the Atlantic Committee of Norway, supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and implemented by AAA and its regional counterparts – the Youth Euro-Atlantic Treaty Association of Azerbaijan, and the Atlantic Council of Georgia. The project was launched aiming to strengthen the atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration among researchers in the region, and to prepare a multi-purpose policy document focusing on the possibility of common understanding of security of the region and developing a common vision of the existing challenges, problems and opportunities. AAA presented its research prepared for the paper and undertaken by Menua Soghomonyan and Irina Ghaplanyan. The three-day-long discussions gave a positive start to a follow up meeting, scheduled to take place in Norway at the end of the summer.
From July 28 till August 21, 2007 two Armenian YATA members have participated in the 12th Portuguese Atlantic Youth Seminar (PAYS) which was organized by the Portuguese Atlantic Committee and the Portuguese Atlantic Youth Association and took place in Portuguese Air Force Academy, Sintra, Portugal. It was entitled “Is NATO going global? - A different reach for a new security context”.
From September 2nd to 8th, the scheduled meeting of the Young Researcher’s Network within the framework of the South Caucasus Security platform took place in Oslo, Norway. The day-to-day three-month-long communication and cooperation between the three teams of the researchers resulted in a very positive and productive work in Oslo, which summarized and put together the research undertaken by David Chochua and Shorena Lortkipanidze of Georgia, Irina Ghaplanyan and Menua Soghomonyan of Armenia, and Afiz Aliyev and Leila Karimli of Azerbaijan. At the Oslo meeting the researchers merged and summarized their individually conducted research, and produced a comprehensive document titled “The South Caucasus Security Platform: Strategy from the Perspective of the Civil Society”, the electronic version of which is available upon request. Due to the successful completion of the first stage of the project, all the parties to this undertaking agreed to come up with a follow-up activity soon.
From September 16-21, 2007 the Armenian Atlantic Association with the financial support of the USA Embassy in Armenia and NATO PDD office organized the fifth international youth seminar entitled “Security, Democracy and Peace: Three Main Tasks of Euro-Atlantic Community”. The seminar was designed to be the traditional continuation of the previously held seminars in Armenia during the last four years. This year the participants of the seminar were representatives of ATA NGOs, comprising the youth from the following countries: Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Germany, Slovenia, Finland, Macedonia and from three cities of Armenia (Yerevan, Vanadzor and Kapan). In 2007 the annual event focused on antiterrorist, antitrafficking and peacekeeping dimensions of NATO activities thus covering the main NATO priorities for 2007.
From October 30th to November 2nd, on behalf of the AAA the Association’s Senior Research Analyst, Irina Ghaplanyan, attended the 53rd General Assembly of the Atlantic Treaty Association, which took place in Ottawa, Canada. The elections of the ATA President and Vice President (as well as YATA President and Vice President and other executive positions) were scheduled to take place on 31st of October. After much heated debates in the morning of the 31st, the Council decided to bring to the General Assembly three presidential candidates; only one candidate was nominated for the position of Vice President – Alex Serban of Romania, and subsequently elected by the General Assembly. The elections did not go as planned, since none of the presidential candidates gathered the required 2/3 of the vote. This resulted in an ad hoc decision proposed by the Bureau to extend the term of the current President for one year, and in the meantime, make necessary amendments to the constitution in order to avoid the shortcomings of the 53rd General Assembly, as well as undertake more rigorous campaigns for the candidates, which will run for the ATA presidential post next year. The 54th General Assembly of ATA is planned to take place in Berlin in September of 2008.
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