2006 Events Calendar
On February 20-25, 2006 Mr. Tevan Poghsoyan, Executive Director of the AAA and Mr. David Hambaryan, AYAA member have participated in the "NATO Winter Academy 2006" which was organized by the Center for European Security Studies.
On April 4-5, 2006 The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria in co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria organized an international conference dedicated to the 15th Anniversary of the Organized Atlantic Movement in Central and Eastern Europe entitled "The Power of Values and the Value of Power". Mr. Tevan Poghosyan was invited to participate to this event as a speaker of one of the panels.
On April 25-28, 2006 Ms. Shake Badalyan, AAA Projects Coordinator was invited to participate in the North Atlantic Council Simulation organized by the Portuguese Atlantic Committee, which took place in Lisbon, Portugal. The crisis scenario that participants faced and upon which they worked concerned a security threat located in a northern African country. More specifically, it involved the production and supply of energy resources to European countries.
On June 6-11, Mr. Menua Soghomonyan has participated in crisis management simulation which took place in Germany.
On On July 6-13, 2006 Ms. Armine Hakhinyan has participated in DAYS 2006 organized by the Danish Atlantis Youth Association.
On July 9-22, 2006 Ms. Emma Argutyan, AYAA member, was invited to participate in the 10th international summer school "Global Challenges, Global Actors - Sharing Responsibilities for a Secure World in the 21 Century" organized by German Council on Foreign Relations( DGAP) International Forum on Strategic Thinking, which took place in Berlin, Germany.
On September 25-27, 2006 Mr. Masis Manukyan, AAA Expert has participated in the Atlantic Forum, entitled "Tomorrow's Leaders and the future of Euro-Atlantic Security" which took pace in Rome, Italy.
On October 16-19, 2006 Ms. Shakeh Badalyan and Mr. Ashot Martirosyan have participated in the Achilles Seminar in Washington D.C., organized by the Atlantic Council of the United States.
On November 14, 2006 Armenian Atlantic Association organized an international youth seminar-workshop entitled "Riga Summit: New Challenges and Opportunities for Secure and Peaceful Future". The goal of this year initiative was to provide an unofficial regional framework for discussing and assessing the conflict potential and security challenges with a view to identify obstacles to regional security and cooperation and suggesting possible solutions that could be given further attention even in official circles.
During the year 2005 AAA with financial assistance of the Embassy of the USA in Armenia conducted research on the growing importance of the South Caucasus to Euro-Atlantic Security and prepared two school and university curriculums on Euro-Atlantic Partnership. AAA conducted local seminar-workshop on the same topic in some schools and universities in the city of Yerevan in January 2006. During this period of time AAA have delivered these handbooks to many regional schools and universities.
Another project that we would like to mention is the development of the NATO Educational Toolkit in Armenia. This project is still in the process. It will raise the awareness of the general population in Armenia, the youth in particular, regarding NATO and its activities. The toolkit will be represented by the youth chapter of AAA in many regions of Armenia.
On December 5-9, 2006 Co-Chairman of the Armenian Atlantic Association, Professor Nikolay Hovhanissyan, AAA Executive Director Mr. Tevan Poghosyan and two representatives of the Armenian Youth Atlantic Association Ms. Lusine Yeremyan and Ms. Armine Hakhinyan have participated in the 52nd ATA General Assembly in Athens, Greece, which had been devoted to the post Riga Summit issues.
On December 11-15 ten members from the Armenian Atlantic Association and ten members from the ATA Azerbaijan have participated in the conference entitled “Jointly Towards Europe” in Brussels, Belgium. Young participants met each other and discussed issues on the regional development and European integration. Meetings took place at GMFUS and NATO HQ. Participants had meetings with ATA and NATO representatives as well.
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