2005 Events Calendar
On February 21-26, 2005 Mr. David Hambaryan for Youth Armenian Atlantic Association participated in the Winter Academy on the theme " New security challenges and the role of NATO" organized by the Center for European Security Studies (at the INION RAN) with the support of the NATO Information Office attached of the Embassy of Belgium in the RF in Moscow.
On March 18, 2005 Armenian Atlantic Association Executive Director Tevan Poghosyan has participated in the international conference "ATLANTIC PARTNERSHIP FOR STABILITY IN THE SOUTH CAUCASUS" in Sofia, Bulgaria organized by the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and Institute for Regional and International Studies. Mr. Poghosyan delivers a speech on the role of International Organizations for strengthening of stability in the South Caucasus.
On May 24-25, 2005 Armenian Atlantic Association Executive Director Tevan Poghosyan has participated in the EAPC SECURITY FORUM in ARE, SWEDEN. This is first time when NATO is also extended invitation to the countries for EAPC meeting and strongly suggests including one representative from Civil Society.
On September 27, 2005 Mr. Tevan Poghosyan, from AAA and Ms. Shake Badalyan and Mr. David Hambaryan from AYAA has participated in the 51st General Assembly of the Atlantic Treaty Association in Tallinn, Estonia. It was an ATA flagship event focusing on ATA related activities as well as presentations and debates on a high level on topical international issues.
On November 08-11, 2005 Armenian Atlantic Association with the financial support of OSI Assistance Foundation (OSIAF) and assistance of NATO PDD organized the Workshop-Seminar entitled "Challenges and Opportunities for the Youth to Enhance Stability in the Black Sea Region: Development of Black Sea Youth Network" . The seminar was designed to be the reasonable continuation of the previously held seminars in Armenia (November 2003 and 2004), due to the keen necessity and significance of this type of gatherings in the region.
On December 12, 2005 Armenian Atlantic Association had presentation of two handbooks: "North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Euro - Atlantic Cooperation" and "North Atlantic Treaty Organization". The books were written by the Armenian Atlantic Association experts in Armenian language. These handbooks are reference ones which aim at illustrating the perquisites and reasons behind signing the North - Atlantic Treaty, founding NATO, and presenting its structure, projects and goals during the Cold War and after. They include separate chapters on NATO - Armenia relations. In addition, the authors have discussed the crucial issues regarding the Euro - Atlantic cooperation.
On 12 December, 2005 Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) Executive Board in cooperation with NATO's Public Diplomacy Division organized for the second time an international conference in Brussels, bringing together 44 representatives of national YATA chapters from over 30 NATO, Partnership for Peace and observer countries. AYAA had its participant in this event.
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