2004 Events Calendar
Academics from the South Caucasus republics – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – were invited to participate in NATO Study tour organized by NATO Office of Information and Press in May 8-12, 2004. Armenian delegation was headed by the Armenian Atlantic Association.
AAA expert in Democracy and Security related issues Lusine Yeremyan participated in the Second NATO Studies Center International Conference on Greater Middle East and Wider Black Sea Area: Security Connections and Cooperative Perspectives, held in Bucharest, Romania from May 11 to13, 2004. She delivered a speech on Regional Cooperation in the Framework of PfP: Realities and Expectations.
Istanbul Pan-Atlantic Student Summit (I-PASS): In June 26-30 2004 the group of five students from Armenia, the members of Armenian Youth Atlantic Association were invited to participate in Istanbul Pan-Atlantic Student Summit (I-PASS) convened in conjunction with the NATO summit. Around two hundred students from 37 countries were able to meet with Alliance leaders and conduct their own model NATO simulation. Armenian delegates participated in simulation games and Q&A sessions with presidents and government officials of leading European countries.
AAA Experts were invited to participate in the meeting with SPD Parliamentary Group organized by the National Assembly of Armenia in September 14-15, Yerevan. The main issues covered in the framework of the round-table were: Defense Reforms; Internal Security Challenges in Armenia; Foreign and Security Priorities of Armenia; Regional Security Challenges; NATO-Armenia Relations.
AAA Executive Director – Mr. T. Poghosyan was invited to the EAPC seminar on Contributing to a More Favorable Security Environment through Informing Public Opinion organized in Yerevan on October 28-29, 2004 with the participation of NATO Assistant Secretary General H.E. Mr. Jean Fournet and Armenian Government officials.
On October 29, 2004 Armenian Atlantic Association gave a dinner inviting NATO officials (Jean Fournet, ASG for Public Diplomacy and Despina Afentouli, NATO Office of Information and Press) and representatives from Armenian side to discuss the pros and cons of NATO further enlargement in the region and the incentives for NATO-Armenia relations further development. Among the invitees (60 people) from Armenian side were government officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of National Security, representatives from National Assembly and Office of the President, NGOs and mass media, politicians, academicians and decision makers from different sectors. The dinner was followed by open-discussion and Question and Answer session.
On November 10-12, Ms. L. Yeremyan, AAA Expert participated in the Conference on Challenges and Opportunities in the Black Sea Region: Contribution of International Organizations to Enhancing Regional Stability, organized in the city of Bucharest, Romania. During the conference launching of the book entitled “A New Euro-Atlantic Strategy for the Black Sea Region” and edited by the German Marshall Fund on the US was organized in the National Military Club.
AAA Expert Ms. Yeremyan was invited to participate in the Second ATA Conference on Education for Security and Defense organized by Casa NATA on November 13-15 in Bucharest, Romania. In the framework of the conference relevant topics on Model NATO simulations; Civic Education Modules and Strategies; Teaching Security in High Schools; ATA’s Web Site Projects, Leadership in an Integrated World, etc. were brought up and discussed.
Mr. Tevan Poghosyan, Executive Director of AAA was invited to participate in the international conference on Bulgaria’s Membership in NATO and the European Union and the Euro-Atlantic Perspective of the Balkans organized by the NATO Information Center in Sofia, OSI and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria. Mr. Poghosyan delivered a speech on Recent NATO Enlargement: Lessons Learned and Best Practices from the Regional Perspective.
International Conference on Regional Security and Role of Youth in Peace Building: A Year After: Lessons learned and opportunities for the future: International Conference on "Regional Security and Role of Youth in Peace Building: A Year After: Lessons Learned and Opportunities for the Future" took place on November 2-5, 2004, in Yerevan by the initiative of Armenian Atlantic Association (AAA), OSI Assistance Foundation (OSIAF) financial support and the assistance of NATO Office of Information and Press designed to be the reasonable continuation of the 2003 initiative due to the keen necessity and significance of this type of gatherings in the region.

The conference was another major manifestation of the growing intention to overcome political boundaries on the way towards economic re-integration and development of the region. It gave impetus for more profound understanding in each country the benefits of development of true public policy research institutions within the each country and throughout the region. The structure of the conference was designed in such a manner as to delineate and define the potential role of the youth in the region, abilities to initiate joint-projects and conduct public policy research in security field. It was a four-day-workshop - meeting to elaborate and prepare project proposals - with NATO official invited to support young policy-makers to draw up project proposals.

Young representatives of national YATAs from Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia being devoted to the strategies and methodology of conducting in-depth research on public policy/security relevant issues as well as networking were invited to partake in the workshop.
On November 30, 2004 Armenian Atlantic Association has launched its webpage with the support of NATO Office of Information and Press. The goal of this initiative is to present the Armenian public with comprehensive information on the evolution of NATO-Armenia relations, its development and future prospective. The website also contains in depth information on the AAA history and mission statement, calendar of activities and projects for the future, articles and speeches delivered by AAA experts in NATO related meetings and conferences as well as relevant information about its youth chapter - Armenian Youth Atlantic Association (AYAA). You can visit us by entering www.euro-atlantic.am
AAA leadership has participated in the 50th ATA General Assembly organized in Rome, on December 1-4, 2004 designed to bring together ATA member and associate organizations to address NATO new challenges and the Role of ATA in the 21st century. Armenian Delegation has also participated in Youth Atlantic Treaty Association (YATA) General Assembly where the heads of YATA national chapters took part in the election of the YATA Executive Board.
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