2001 Events Calendar
On January 15 NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertson met with former AAA Co-Chairman Dr. Armen Darbinian and Executive Director Tevan Poghosyan in the city of Yerevan. Dr. Darbinian presented the AAA mission statement and discussed possible avenues for cooperation.
On March 13, AAA Executive Director Tevan Poghosyan met with president & CEO of the Atlantic Council of the United States (ACUS) Christopher Makins and Director for Transatlantic Relations, Frances Burwell in the framework of his visit to Washington. They discussed issues related to AAA's application for membership in the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA) network and bilateral cooperation.
On May 20-23, Co-Chairman of AAA Professor Nikolay Hovhanessyan was in Brussels to present AAA's application for membership to the ATA Council. ATA accepted the application and began the official process of consideration, with a final decision on membership to be made at the 47th ATA General Assembly that will take place in Bled, Slovenia in October 2001.
On July 11, AAA Executive Director Tevan Poghosyan, during his visit to London, met with the ATA Chairman and the Director of the Atlantic Council of the United Kingdom (ACUK) Alan Lee Williams. They discussed issues related to AAA's structural organization as well as activities and details of the upcoming ATA leadership's fact-finding trip to Armenia planned for September.
According to membership procedure of ATA, after AAA’s application the delegation of ATA leadership with Chairman Alan Williams, Secretary General Antonio de Carvalho and President of the Greek Association for the Atlantic and European Cooperation Mr. Theodossis Georgiou visited Armenia from September 10th till 18th of 2001. During the visit some meetings with State officials, Parliamentarians, Military personnel and a wide range of public took place.
In the framework of ATA’s leadership visit to Armenia the seminar titled “NATO and Security Prospects in Armenia/Caucasus” was organized by AAA on the 14th of September. More that 75 participants representing ATA, RA Government, RA National Assembly, Scientists, Politicians, AAA and other NGOs had participated in the seminar.
From October 1-6, 2001 Co-Chairman of AAA Professor Nikolay Hovhanessyan participated in the 47th ATA General Assembly being held in Bled, Slovenia. At the Assembly the Secretary General had presented the Armenian candidacy to become an Associated Member to the Council of ATA. Decision had been accepted unanimously.
From November 30 to December 1, 2001 Executive Director of AAA, Mr. Tevan Poghosyan, participated in the 11th Annual International Symposium in Zappeion Megaron, Athens by the invitation of the Greek Association for Atlantic and European Cooperation.
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