The Armenian Atlantic Association (AAA) is a non-governmental organization established on October 30, 2001 that aims to foster Armenia’s links with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and promote better understanding within Armenia of NATO’s mission and activities in the changing international environment. To that end, the Association strives to correct misperceptions about NATO and its policies that exist among Armenia’s political elite and ordinary citizens. The Association adheres to the principles of equality, self-governance and public service. The Association does not pursue political aims and is not affiliated with any political group.

Armenia was one of the first former Soviet republics to rid itself of Communist rule in 1990 and to embark on sweeping political and economic reforms.
The country’s first non-Communist leadership committed itself to the universal values of democracy, human rights, and market economy. Despite its significant achievements, the decade-long transition process has not proceeded smoothly. The post-Soviet slump in living standards disillusioned a considerable part of the population and left little appetite for reform.

As an organization designed to study Armenia’s security policy from alternative perspectives, AAA wants to clarify all possible aspects of cooperation with NATO, especially in respect with the post-conflict rehabilitation of the region. One of the ways of boosting public awareness of NATO in Armenia is through first-hand, detailed information about its mission, history, current activities and plans for the future, particularly in our region

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